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Communication Coach Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald gets results and does it with enthusiasm and tenacity. Owner of the Verbal Edge, Elizabeth specializes in enhancing her clients’ communication skills by assessing situations and clients’ strengths and challenges, collaborating with them, and then creating tailored curriculum and approaches.

She achieves client-desired results through one-on-one sessions, workshops, or group consulting.

Her clients are:

  • Groups–Corporation and non-profit leaders, teams, and staffs
  • Individuals from the business or private sector. Individual sessions take place in person or via phone or Skype.

Elizabeth’s professional background includes

  • TV Broadcasting–reporting, anchoring, producing, writing, shooting, editing, and hosting
  • Marketing and Communication for Fort Wayne Community Schools
  • Producing videos for the school district and hosting the cable show, Focus on Fort Wayne Community Schools
  • Teaching English at South Side High School
  • Hosting The Verbal Edge on cable TV for 5 years.

Elizabeth lives and loves her profession–and gets results.



“Elizabeth is passionate about instructing others to be the best communicators they can be. She is refined in her approach to training, while connecting with people on an emotional level. And her attention to detail is impeccable…I enthusiastically recommend Elizabeth to work with you and/or your company to improve communication & presentation skills.”       Brian Dumford, Talent Development & Training Manager at Fort Wayne Metals


“Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald tailored and presented an action-packed workshop that captivated our agents and motivated them to change the way they communicate. The constant comment after the hour and a half presentation is that it was too short! They did leave having The Verbal Edge.”     Theresa Wilcox, Marketing Manager, STI.


“I met Elizabeth about a year ago as members of the same business group. As we have grown to know each other, I appreciate her unique skill and passion for proper communication, both written and verbal. In addition, she takes a genuine interest in every conversation we have had. I am definitely a better person since I have known Elizabeth.”     Matt Fortney, Vice President and General Manger, Group Delphi.


“We recently participated in a leadership workshop with Elizabeth.  The energy level generated from working with Elizabeth was contagious.  The entertainment value that Elizabeth brings to the workshop is unbelievable.  And the educational content is best-in-class.  Developing leadership employees is critical to long-term success; investing those developmental dollars with Elizabeth proved to be a wise investment.”        Joe Wolfcale, CEO Fort Wayne Radiology


The Verbal Edge is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and St. Petersburg, Florida.

Engage your listeners and make a difference in how and what you communicate. Contact Elizabeth at 260-471-9769 or email  her at Elizabeth@theVerbalEdge.com.



The Verbal Edge, Public Speaking Instruction, Fort Wayne, INThe Verbal Edge, Public Speaking Instruction, Fort Wayne, IN

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